2016-2017 Interview Switches and Cancellations

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UT Memphis Swap

Currently scheduled for 11/7 and looking for either 10/24 or 11/28. Would really appreciate it!

dingchun (not verified)
Madison to Minneapolis ride share?

Anyone else interviewing in Madison on Nov. 3 and Minneapolis on Nov. 4? I am thinking of renting a car to make the drive between. Happy to be D-D the night of Nov. 3 ... anyone able to share?

TalonDriver38 (not verified)
UT Memphis Swap

I'm looking to swap UT Memphis dates. I'm currently scheduled for 11/14 but would like to switch to 10/24. Any takers? Thanks!

Georgetown swap

I have Georgetown on 11/3, anyone willing to swap for 12/1 or 11/17? Reply to anonymous14uro@gmail.com. Thanks!

Indiana and Arizona swap requests


Interview Swap Nebraska UNMC

I have an interview October 29 at UNMC in Nebraska is someone is willing to swap for November 3rd.   Thanks



Interview Switch Tulane

I'm scheduled to interview at Tulane on 10/29 and am looking to swap with someone interviewing there on 10/22.


URologyapplicant2017 (not verified)
Georgetown switch

I'm currently scheduled for Georgetown on 11-17. I'd like to switch to 12/1. Please let me know if you're interested: urologyapplicant2017@gmail.com

University of Washington swap

I'm scheduled for University of Washington on 11/5, would be interested in swapping with 12/3. Thanks!

Reply to anonymous14uro@gmail.com

Anonymous 24 (not verified)
Augusta and SUNY Upstate Swap

I'm scheduled for Augusta on November 12th. Would anyone want to switch with me for October 8th? I know short notice.

I also have SUNY Upstate on November 12th. Would anyone want to switch with me for November 11th?