Just One More, Please?!?

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Just One More, Please?!?

Well I think we can all feel imaginary finish line of interview invites coming all to close. And with it many emotions seem to becoming out. I think my own are very similar to all of us on the boards, a little panic, some frustration and maybe a touch of anger. We all have that internal clock that is clicking and telling us that we need more interview, now!   I think many of the higher profile programs have started sending out straight up rejections. With these comes the end of some of ours dreams. For many they may be reach programs and so ends the fantasy that we are still in the running, until the email. Some of the other rejections may be more of a surprise, like a place we thought of being highly competitive at, until the email. I am sure many of you have done the same thing laws of logic in your minds:  
 -Well I got an invite from “So-and-So” big name program, so I am surely a good enough applicant for them.
 -Therefore I think I should get and invite from programs considered less competitive.
 - Since I was invited by a couple highly competitive programs I should be getting some invites from other more competitive   invites.  
Yet none of this logic, or any, holds true, at least not with me. I get invites from places I thought as more of long shots and also rejected by some I might have (unconsciously?) gotten my hopes up for. I also have received rejections from less competitive programs too. So really I have no idea what these people are looking at!   But I do know that I want just a few more. A few more to feel comfortable, a few more to put my mind at ease. But at least it seems this process will never let me rest my fragile little mind.  
I also wanted to throw out one of my many theories I have concocted during these last few weeks. I feel that with the more competitive programs there are so many students doing elective rotations there that they can almost fill their invites with just those students. Add to any applicants from the home program (I have heard of some schools having nine students applying to urology) and basically your chances of getting an invite with out a rotation there become much smaller. Agree? I say this because I think many students try to rotate at these programs to get their foot in the door and hope to match there.

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It seems that this process is completely random regardless of what mentors tell you. Programs where my adviser made it seem as if I should already make flight arrangements before the presumptive offer quickly sent rejection notices, while my "Hail Mary" programs sent interview offers. I think as more programs send out offers, the goal becomes to get enough interviews to feel comfortable while also maintaining the "spread".