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First Offers

Has anyone received any offers yet? When do you expect to start seeing them?

Anonymous (not verified)
So far Augusta, Methodist,

So far Augusta, Methodist, AUB, and the DC schools are the ones I know of. 

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Some offers

I have had some offers come in but not a lot. Does anyone know if there is an google sheet started for this year? That way we can share information about when interview times are and maybe carpooling an such.

jzsmoothie (not verified)
Google doc_2017 Interview Dates
urinegoodhands (not verified)
I got one from Colorado.

I got one from Colorado.
One declined from Georgetown.
Not sure maybe after the 1st of October? At this away they've just passed out 10 apps to 8 different faculties.
-_- so batches of 80 per week? 

Interview offers

First offers from my away sub-internships came in Monday (10/2) and Tuesday (10/3).