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U. Penn

Received offer for only Nov 8th via ERAS e-mail today. Not sure if there are other dates...

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Penn Interview Dates - 2009

Sunday, November 8th and Sunday, December 6th - per Helen Scanlon

Two rounds of invitations will be sent out. Dinner with the residents the night before for anyone who can make it.

Second round?

Anyone know if the second round of offers have been sent out yet (for the Dec 6th date)?


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Yes--got an invite a couple

Yes--got an invite a couple of days ago via e-mail for the Dec. date. Good luck to everyone!

offer for december 6th

received offer via email today with only dec. 6th as an option

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switch - I have 12/6, for your 11/8?

Does anyone want to switch your 11/8 for my 12/6? lcw2101@columbia.edu