What are my chances?

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What are my chances?

Hey all, like another person who posted on this site, I'm worried about my step 1 score which was a 221. I have just started third year and am about to finish surgery rotation. I got a great review from the urology team who are encouraging me to go for the field. I am about to start research with them soon and am looking at other research projects. I know I have to try to kick butt on step 2, which is a given. I just want some advice on what my chances are? And should I go for this. Oh and I really really want it bad. :)

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I say go for it. Don't let a test score hold you back from achieving your dreams. You will definitely have to do better on Step 2 to demonstrate that you can improve on our current status. Make sure you stay in touch with your Urology department and whatever you do, don't piss them off. Also, start with some research and get on some publications. Work with the residents and the research director on that one. Although the 221 on Step 1 is not great, it is not too bad either. Don't let others who post on this forum get you down. If it was meant to be, you will get there. You will just have to work extra hard. By the way, find a mentor in the Urology department (program director, chair, etc.) and make a plan of things that you need to do to improve your competitiveness. Good luck!!

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Go for it but be mentally

Go for it but be mentally prepared to fail the match and have to take a year off doing something urological.

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Go for it!!!

You should definately stick with Urology. Never give up. I hope to become a prime example/ personal testament for you come January 25th. My Step 1 score was also not very competitive, but you can over come that. I recommend working your butt off Third year to improve you GPA and class rank. I bet you are one who has test anxiety, but has clinical smarts. I know I was that person. I had a wealth of knowledge and was able to put it together better clinically than some of those that did extremely well on Step 1. I took Step 2 in July, and improved to the 99th percentile. Remember, It's not all about your Step 1, but not to lead you astray, you should know that some programs have cutoffs for interviews at 225 and sometimes 230. I advise you to ask your Department Chair to be your advisor. My advisor was the Dept Chair of Urology. He always had my best interest. He helped me with away rotations. He let me know who loved a hard worker and who wasn't very forgiving when it comes to scores despite a hard work ethic. When doing an away rotation, go to a place you have a chance to match. No one should discourage you from going into this residency, not even yourself.

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thank you

thank you to both comments! the advice and encouragement are greatly appreciated

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hey dude, my step 1 score was

hey dude,

my step 1 score was around yours and my step 2 was only slightly better. i preemptively took a year off to do some research after 3rd year and got a ton of interviews and matched in an excellent program.

bottom line.... don't give up but you do need to do SOMETHING to make yourself stand out a little more. everyone wants it BAD. =)

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221 on Step 1. OK to take Step 2 in Sept/Oct?

Hello.These posts are encouraging. I am supposed to take Step 2 next week, but I am not ready (+ there's the test-taking anxiety that screwed me on Step 1). I am currently on a Urology Sub-I at my school, then I have my away Urology Sub-I. So far it hasn't been a good idea to be studying for Step 2 while trying to rock the Sub-I. However, I scored 220-225 on Step 1 and am nervous about whether I should take Step 2 as scheduled before submitting the ERAS, or whether it is OK to move it and wait to take Step 2 in September (looks like no spots where I could take it, right now) or October. From what I understand most programs have a cut off Step 1 score, and I especially don't want to be locked out of the door if they see the Step 1 and have no Step 2 to help make their decision about looking at me.Thoughts, pls?Thanks.

Chances are OK. As time has

Chances are OK. As time has gone on, it seems that the Step 1 minimum score keeps on going up higher and higher.  When I was interviewing 7 years ago, the average score was about 220 or so.  Over the last few years, more programs have started their cut off point at around 230 or so.  This does not mean that you should not try and apply.  I think that something you may consider is to take step 2 earlier and study your butt off so that your score increases substantially.  That way, programs will see that your testing trend is upward.  In addition, I think what you are doing with the Urology dept in terms of research will definitely help.  In Jan - Feb of 2011, look for 1-2 away rotations to do at some programs that you are interested at.  A 4 week rotation means a lot more than a 1 day interview.  In addition, make sure you get some great letters of recommendation from different Urology programs, especially the chair, or their big name if you work with them. Urology is such a small field that people know people.  Personality and connections go a long way.  Your scores are only one way to start weeding you out when it comes to giving interviews.  Once you get an interview, you are on even playing grounds with everyone else.