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Game time

So the first big weekend of interviews is coming up. I, like many of you, will be heading out to the first interview.I have to admit with so much going on right now this date kind of snuck up on me. That could be a good thing since I didn’t sit around thinking about what to say for the last week but now I am starting to get a little anxiety. I am not really nervous about the interviews themselves (although I may be subconsciously pushing them to the back of my mind) as much as I am nervous about the travel. I bet there are many of you looking up Google maps and printing up directions to try and make sure you have every angle covered. Especially if you are flying like I am. I am trying to get a list of interview essentials if you will. I hope that after doing this one or two times I can just leave my bag packed and pick it up and go for the rest of the interviews. So here’s my list so far, please add something if you think I forgot it. Remember I am trying to pack as light as possible (stupid baggage fees).
  -Suit (dry cleaned of course)
 -Haircut (needed one anyway)
-Jeans with Polo for dinners/meet-and-greats
-copies of CV???    
 I know there is all the other basic stuff like toothbrush etc. But I am hoping I don’t forget anything major. Also when traveling by air I am also praying for no problems at the airport. Especially as we start getting in to the winter months this could end ruining someone’s prized interview, I am sure it’s happened.
  One thing I am looking forward to is the night before function. Nothing sounds better than some free food and drinks. It's free right? I am actually just assuming that most places pay for it but I guess that may not always be the case. I also think that no matter what a program says that the dinner/happy hour before or after interviews does play a role in your evaluation. Any program that has at least some residents input in the selection process will base some of their evaluation (consciously or subconsciously) on how you interact with the residents at these functions. Remember that after all the stats and published papers they are looking for person that gets along with the residents and hopefully has some personality. I know that sometimes travel plans simply won’t allow for you to attend but I think you have to make every effort to attend these things. Even if you don’t drink beer or eat meat you should show up and let them know that your not only good on paper but you are a normal person who enjoys doing things outside of the hospital and can hold a conversation not based on medicine.  
Well all for now. I will give an update on the road and surely after the interview. After this week things really heat up as I prepare for a week of five interviews. I am sure a lot of you have that one week in your schdule where you are going from interview to interview. Getting nervous is normal I think but I also want to remember that like many residents have told me, when you look back at the whole process it can be a lot of fun. See you guys on the trail!

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