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Albany Medical Center: BEWARE

To all who interviewed at Albany Medical Center....there is rumor that residents will no longer rotate at the community hosptial (St. Peter's). In talking to the residents this seems to be only highlight of the residency program!!!!!

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Re: Albany Medical Center: BEWARE

While this comment is partially true (the St. Peter's rotation is being phased out), as a urology resident at Albany Med Ctr, I can say with 100% confidence that there are many "highlights" to our program--opportunities to do quality basic science and clinical research, great peds experience, great oncology experience, a new daVinci Si (dual console) robot, etc., etc. Our graduates who have wanted fellowships have have always gotten into great fellowships. Similarly, the grads who have gone into private practice have felt very well equipped to do so.
Feel free to contact me or any of the other residents with questions.

Adam Walker

1 year funded Research fellowship at Harvard

Robotics Research Fellowship at Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard,
Department of Urology
About 1 year. Funded.

Flexible start time (March/April/May 2010). The earlier you start the better for the next application season. You can network and produce more for your file. Adult and Peds exposure, either will help tremendously with getting into urology.

The robotics research fellowship offers a well-rounded and in-depth exposure to both translational and clinical urologic research as well as the opportunity to coordinate the robotics research and training center. With the only da Vinci robot dedicated to research and training in Massachusetts and a full-fledged vivarium and animal surgical facility, this is a unique environment to innovate and discover new robotic surgical applications using animal models. The fellow will also be trained to serve as a certified da Vinci robotics training specialist, hosting live, animal training sessions for visiting surgeons.

Other additional opportunities include industry/biotech collaborations, NIH grant and protocol writing, journal publication, clinical research IRB processes, funding proposals, and pediatric grand rounds/radiology conferences weekly.

If you are looking for a phenomenal educational opportunity as well as the chance to improve your residency application, please contact, Dr. Hiep T. Nguyen, Assistant Professor in Surgery (Urology), Harvard Medical School, and Director of Robotic Surgery and Research, at: for more information.

Please include your CV and a short paragraph statement regarding your goals and interest in urologic research.

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University of Rochester, Strong Memorial

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Can anyone tell me anything about the U of Louisville program?  Especially now that Dr. Casale is resigning?

new residency

Does anyone knows anything about the new residency program in miami? Mt sinai 

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