Number of Interviews for those with Sub-240 board scores

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Number of Interviews for those with Sub-240 board scores

After reading the recent topic on number of interviews and seeing how many of the people who respond have board scores in the 250s, I am wondering whether the true population on this forum is actually responding.  Could those who have received interviews with board scores in the 230s and below post in this topic in the following format:Positions Applied to:Offers:
Rejections:Step 1:Step 2:Position in class:Maybe this topic will give some hope to students who don't have a 300 board score.Remember, you can always post anonymously (under authoring information, delete your name).Thank You

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I posted in other thread, but...

Positions Applied to: 60
Offers: 20
Attending: 17 (tentatively)

Rejections: I didn't count, but a lot
Step 1: 230
Step 2: 239
Position in class: 3rd quarter

There is hope still...

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if it'll make u feel better to know-

applied to: 50
offers: 10
attending: 6

rejections: a lot
step 1: 201 (!)
step 2: 253
position in class: top quarter

can't change the past (i.e. Step 1)...just making the best of what I have to work with. what's meant to be is meant to be

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Just wanted to say THANK YOU

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting a lot of us hope that just because of a past blip (step 1), you can still do well and get interview invites! And 10 Invites too! Congrats!
I decided to sit this yr out and do a research fellowship after much thought and discussions with a program director...haven't taken step 2 yet and did poor on step 1 (213). So your comment gives me a lot of hope as I can't wait to become a urologist! Thanks again and I wish you the BEST of luck with matching! :)

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previously posted

Applied: 41
Offers: 18

Going to: 16
Rejects: 12
Still waiting:11

Step 1: 226
Step 2: 240
Rank: Top 3rd of class

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I matched!

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step 1: 224 step 2:

step 1: 224
step 2: 244
Invites so far: 9
Rejections: 4

I had no idea I wanted to go into urology until late 3rd year, so I only have 1 article submitted to the SES of the AUA. Not a whole lot of research experience.

Not worried about matching, dont buy into the hype.
good luck to all.

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please tell how many you applied to:

How many programs did you apply to or have you been given a wink wink knod knod at your home program? Many get the wink wink. Congrats on your 20pt improvement!

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Wink wink, nod nod.

Hmm my home program is a difficult read, there were many many students from my class rotating through their department, they have their pick of a lot of great applicants.

I applied to 39 and havent heard back from most, which means Im probably done or close to done in terms of interview invites. Ive received 10 invites at this point, had to turn one down due to scheduling.

Im really a pretty average candidate, maybe even sub-par considering the post here. Again, Step 1:224, step 2: 244, one publication submitted, all evals from 3rd year were honors. I never saw my LORs but I think they were pretty good.

Have interviews at UC Irvine, Medical college of Georgia, LSU-Ochsner, University of Kansas, Scott and White, U of south Florida, LSU Shreveport, UTMB, U of TN.

Hopefully this is helpful. You can guess where Im from. Hello Classmates!
Once again, good luck to all!

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I'll be seeing you around then.

I've got LSU Shreveport, USF, and was at UT Memphis this wknd, and will be at UT Knoxville soon. I'm sure I'll see you around, but will remain anonymous. My guess is you are from Louisiana.

Good luck.