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The Gauntlet


This will be a short post but followed by a longer one once
I get some rest.


So I am on my road trip for my string of five interviews in
seven days. Personally I though it wouldn’t be that hard. But I am sort of
amazed at what these interviews intermixed with 4-8hrs or driving can do for a
guys will. I am starting to see why some residents say that by December you
will be worthless.


So my first interview was at a place that for me flew a
little under the radar. That was until I talk to some people at interviewing
there in the days before. It had all the classic quotes “It’s an up and coming
program” and “They got a chair who will really take them places.” But they were
surely right and when I was there I knew that all the other applicants knew how
good this place was. The program was totally all encompassing and had every opportunity
for a career I could think of. The residents were great and had a well balanced
life. The faculty was full of driven doctors who had a specialty and a goal.
Also the geography was a surprising plus.


Will share more tomorrow after some much needed sleep.

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