Im growing extremely frustrated - PLEASE HELP ME - i dont know what to do anymore

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Im growing extremely frustrated - PLEASE HELP ME - i dont know what to do anymore

I have the constant urge to urinate and this has been going on for five fucking years. I am 18 so this shit started to happen when I was 13 and I always thought it would go away but fives years came by pretty quick and I'm super frustrated. I'm just starting college and I don't want to be burdened by this anymore and it's insanely depressing. Wherever I go and whatever I do I have to worry about the need to urinate and make adjustments so that I can go to the restroom conveniently such as sitting outside in movies and airplane seats. So whenever I pee it feels like there is still urine stuck in my urethra. If I wait a few minutes, I'll be able to push some urine out, so I know it's not emptying completely, but the feeling is still apparent after that so I guess there's still some urine stuck inside even then. I noticed that whenever I cough, laugh, sneeze, blow my nose, etc, I will have to urinate. It is also there after I masturbate as well. So I believe there are a few reasons why this may have started happening.

  1. In 7th grade, I was on a tour bus and I head in my pee for an extremely long time. I really REALLY had to go but even then I couldn't make the tour bus stop, so I had to wait about an hour in agonizing pain. So I think there is a possibility that this may have affected my bladder muscles messing up the contractions or something.
  2. In 7th grade as well, I masturbated excessively in one day. This really hurt my penis and it was in pain and sore for a few days. Whenever I pee it would hurt like crazy. I read that masturbating intensely can potentially create scarring in your urethra.
  3. Back then I went on a roller coaster that goes straight up and down at an amusement park. After that, my gooch area had a sharp pain. I asked around if people experienced that as well which they did not. I think this may be fucking with my nerve or something.

Somebody please help me, the mental trauma this has inflicted on me for the past five fucking years. I think I might go insane if this doesn't stop. I haven't slept well in 5 years and really need help. I've been to so many doctors already and I'm not sure what to do. I've had ultrasounds, went to urologist, a fucking prostate exam which all came out well. I went noFAP for 4 months and that shit didn't help. So maybe the scarring is permanent in my urethra which can mean I'm fucked for life. I honestly can't enjoy life anymore at this point and I would really appreciate any advice.