Refractory Brick

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Refractory Brick

Zirconia bricks produced by stable zircon sand with the advantage of mechanical strength, excellent stability to thermal shock, resistance to corrosion, high refractoriness under load and inertness, high density, etc. It is widely used in glass furnace, non-ferrous metal smelting furnace, and pure steel furnace.
Mullite BrickZirconia BrickSintered Zirconia Corundum Brick
ZrO2 %18-2063-6530
SiO2 %13-193418
Al2O3 %60-680.549
Bulk Density g/cm32.9-3.13.5-3.73.0-3.1
Apparent Porosity %1718-2418
Cold Crushing Strength MPa80-10080-11070
0.2 MPa℃
Refractoriness under Load1630-16501620-16501630
ApplicationUsed as an important raw material for the ceramic frit furnace, sodium silicate furnace, glass furnace, metallurgical furnace and other industrial furnace.Refractory Brick