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I think a big factor in making your match list is knowing if you want to go to a larger program or a smaller one. I think a general assessment of a programs size can be made on the number or residents they take. For me I consider a large 4-5 residents and smaller programs with 1-2 residents per year. For programs with 3 residents a year it can sometimes go either way.The size of the program will affect the type of experience you have during your training.  
In my experience the larger programs will emphasize the breadth of your training and promote all the faculty they have in a every field of expertise. The larger programs tend to have a decent call schedule and amount of vacation time, although this tends to be the same no matter the program. For me the biggest factor is usually the operative load, larger programs usually have more. Of course just because a program is large doesn’t mean that translates in to more OR time for you as a resident.
  For the smaller programs they seems to emphasize they “family atmosphere” With less residents and faculty there is obviously more time spent with everyone. Also with the smaller programs you may be called upon to cover cases more frequently which may or may not be a good thing.  
You can look at programs with 3 residents and think that maybe they offer the best of both but in my opinion they either behave as a large program or a small program.  
I know there are also a million other things you could say about a smaller program vs. a larger program but I think it is a little different for everyone. Most important is knowing whether the size of a program is important to you, I imagine for some applicants it hasn’t even entered your minds.

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wait how many programs are

wait how many programs are 4+? not that many, right?