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I'm a third year student who discovered that Urology HAD to be my future career about 2 months ago. I'm starting to think about next year and that is needed to apply. I was curious how you contact programs for more info on their program/show interest if you cannot do a sub-I/away rotation with them? Is it as simple as writing the director and saying hi? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I'm in the same boat, and am

I'm in the same boat, and am curious about the answer. At this point I honestly can't imagine doing anything other than Uro (yes, I like it that much! haha), so I want to give myself the best "chances" at getting interviews next year.

How to apply?

I was in your shoes once...about 5 years ago.
Here are a couple of things you need to do.

1) Look at potential programs that you are interested in rotating at and research them on the Internet. Most programs have a website that you can check out and see who's there and who you need to contact for more information. Remember, the bigger the program and the more well known it is (Vandy, Mayo Clinic Rochester, Cleveland Clinic, UCSF, etc.), the more likely more students will want to rotate there. Smaller programs may give you more love.

2) Get a Urology attending mentor in your department to help guide you. Your attending will know people that can hook you up. Our field is very small and people know each other, especially within a section (Southeastern, NY, Western, etc). They will help you select a program that will benefit you.

3) Choose 3-4 programs. At the start of your 4th year, you will be able to do 2 or at most 3 Urology rotations. Do 1 at your home institution for them to "polish" you up for the outside. Then schedule 2 more. You should look at starting in July and finish by the end of September. Realistically, you will get letters from your home program and from your 1st away. If you're lucky, you may get one from your 2nd.

4) Call the program coordinators (the assistant to the program director, and the backbone of the program) and ask them what their application criteria is. Each program has a little different criteria. Some want 1-3 letters of recs from your current program, a personal statement, as well as for you to fill out an application. Some programs will charge your $40-60 to process your application (non refundable).

5) Put together a personal statement. I did 2 away rotations and needed the letter to obtain a rotation.

6) Apply early. A lot of programs fill their 4th year Sub I's first come-first serve. I would start calling in January 2010 and send things out by Feb 2010. Plus, your med school has to arrange insurance coverage and all that nitty-gritty stuff so that you can have patient contact and assist in the OR (etc).

7) If you can't make a Sub I, or you double book a month, make sure you cancel. If you don't, don't plan on interviewing there come Fall. You will have just made a new enemy in their department.

9) Remember, Urology residency applications start in September 2010, so get your stuff together.

Good luck!!