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Rank List Submission

How do you do it?  I am done!  I want to submit my list!

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I'm jealous

I'm jealous

Let trigones be...
don't worry - you just have

don't worry - you just have one left ;-)

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should have an email from

should have an email from auanet dated 11/11. if not go to this link and put in your auanet ID and last name for pw. good luck!


Change Password

Change your password when you log in.

Cannot log in

I cannot log in. It says I have the wrong password. When I ask it to generate a new password with my match ID or email, I dont recieve an email. I tried emailing aua last week and this week for help with no reply. So, what should I do?

Try these

Try these things:
1)Open the AUA e-mail --> go to login site
2)Copy and paste your AUA ID
3)Copy and paste your last name (from the e-mail)
4)If this doesn't work, e-mail resmatch@auanet.org or better yet call them at AUA Match Office at 866-746-4282 x 3913

Hopefully this will get it resolved.