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Match list?

I'm bored so I'll start a new discussion. After going on my interviews I probably have 6 or 7 programs that I would really like to be at. My number 1 is clear, numbers 2-7 are fuzzy. What are other people's approaches to forming their match lists? It'll be good to get some perspective.

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Same Position

I am also in the same position. I know my #1 and actually 2 and 3. Beyond that, I have no idea how to best rank these programs. I value reputation, geography, affordability of living, and overall feel during my interview. Geography and feel are probably the most important factors in my mind. However, reputation of the program usually makes it difficult for me to commit on rank order.

Find the program that had the

Find the program that had the hottest resident.

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try match score calculator

To help the applicants do exactly this, we've built a Match Score Calculator in the new "My Agenda" Application on the Site.

Here's how it works (need to be logged in, just create an account -- takes 2 seconds):

1. Add/remove programs that you are trying to compare under the Residency Programs list (right toolbar - -- click "Add this program to my matching agenda")

2. Go to "My Agenda" app (right toolbar --

3. Click "Manage My Agenda" ( )

4. The programs you've "added" should now be listed here. Enter your interview date for the particular program (at this point, just enter any date that has already passed).

5. The item "Match ranking" will appear. Click on "Update your match score" and score the program. Compare your scores between programs to help with your decision.

As you will see, we've come up with some key variables that we believe go into decision-making when creating a match list. In the future, we plan to add a feature that allows one to weigh the importance of each criteria. For now, just select "unscored" for the items that are not important to you.

Give us feedback ( urologymatch at ). Any other factors you would like to see added to the calculator? Any other ideas you have to make this better?

Let us know. team

P.S. What else does "My Agenda" do? In addition to the Rank Score calculator, My Agenda allows one to keep track of interviews, travel arrangements, and thank you letters. Email us if you have ideas regarding any other web-based tools that you thinks can be useful during one's Match ordeal? Again, the email address is: urologymatch at

I used this function since I

I used this function since I started going on interviews in mid-October. I found it to be pretty useful in terms of keeping track of what I did and didn't like about programs, and keeping my list in order as I went. It served as a good guide when it came to making my final list and think it's a great part of the site. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys did on the site, it really is head and shoulders above other specialty sites.