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Couples Matchers

Are there a lot of people trying to coordinate an unofficial couples match? Just thought I would start a thread to share in the difficulties...this process sucks. Why does it seem that my wife (medicine) and I are considering a mutually exclusive group of schools?

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couples matching

this is more common than you might think. I am now graduating but my wife (obgyn) and I were able to match in the same city/program despite not both being early match.

It is actually to your advantage that you will find out where you match prior to your significant other submitting their rank list.

I am not going to claim it is not stressfull, I actually just went through the same process again with the fellowship match, but once you match contact your program and ask them to make phone calls on you/your significant other's behalf and hopefully it will work out.

Good luck

I'm doing it as well. It

I'm doing it as well. It definitely sucks. Yeah, it'll probably work out in the end, but getting there has been crappy as all hell. My rank list DOES NOT look the same as it would if I was making it based on me alone. But in the end, at least you're moving with your best friend (I hope).

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Same situation here. I've

Same situation here. I've talked with several current residents on the trail and it's all seemed to work out in the end. Obviously some compromises will have to be made on both ends, me and my s.o., but you just have to prioritize how much you want to stay together during the next 5 years vs. your top program or luckily both of you loved the same place which would make things a bit easier. However, you might not even get your top choice so anything can happen. My fiance and I both applied to a lot of programs, crazier for her since she is IM and had amazing numbers and would have applied to a fraction of those places had it not been for me. In turn, I'm compromising on my rank list as she will have a lot of input which I think is only fair. I don't necessarily have a top choice but have top 5-6 places I could see myself ending up and happy with. It sucks, truly does. Good luck to all who are trying to do this and hopefully everything will work out for the best.

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Coordinating couples match

My wife (peds res) and I (uro res) matched 2 years ago. Luckily for us we both liked the same programs and luckily for me my wife is a frickin' rock star. We were very open with all of our interviewers about the situation and talked to the residents in the programs. Some programs seemed to care less about whether we matched together (and the residents confirmed that), some programs said they would talk to the other program to at least say they were interested in taking the spouse of one of their applicants, and one program said they would not rank me if the peds program was not interested in my wife (thereby assuring I would not be there without her).

Once you match I would ask the uro program to talk to the other res program just to say they matched a resident who is a spouse of one of their applicants. Also have people from your med school make calls as well. My wife also sent a letter to the program director explaining to situation. If anything it proves to the program that the spouse is genuinely interested in the program.

Good luck!