Is your PD calling programs on your behalf?

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Is your PD calling programs on your behalf?

Hey team-I've decided on my #1 program.  I was always planning to have my PD (relatively well-known/connected guy) make a call for me to my top choice once I decided on it.However, now I'm not so sure...It seems so late--the holidays are in like 2 seconds, and then rank-lists are due to be submitted.  Do programs really want to be pestered by PDs making calls for random applicants?  Plus, I've heard some programs have already submitted lists (don't know about my #1).Then again, I REALLY want to match there...and a call might help.  (Or it might annoy.)I'm definitely going to send a 'letter of intent' of my own crafting, letting them know they are my top choice, but should I have my PD make the call?  What are you guys doing???-Baller

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I had my chair call and

I had my chair call and express interest to my top program a few days ago.
I am not sure it changed much. But I was glad he did it.

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definitely have your PD call. never hurts.