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the south

I had a few questions about southern programs that Sub Is or others could perhaps help with.
Emory: Seems very solid in experience. The residents seem a little beat down. Dr. Marshall's health seems to leave lingering questions about the future of the program. Any thoughts?
MUSC: I didnt get a very good feel for what the resident experience was. I liked the town alot but would like more thoughts on the program.

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Solid Program

Regarding Emory, I think they have a strong infrastructure and as you mentioned their experience is solid. I believe that with or without Dr. Marshall, the residents will receive great training and come out of Emory ready for academics or private practice. This is not a program I feel is solely thriving because of its chair. Comments on this?

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Southern programs - my thoughts

Vanderbilt: one of the best because great reputation and faculty. J. Smith is a great chairman who will go to bat for you. Good location. Residents graduate with great case numbers and variety in a 5 year program. Weaknesses: transplant and infertilty.

Emory: great city with exposure to large county hospital and VA. Fun residents. Heard they just acquired a robot and minimal invasive training is behind the curve.

Duke: great reputation with respected chairman and staff. Have holes, but overall very good.

Wake Forest: good program now. Without Atala, where would they be?

Baylor: 4 person program with research year. All specialties except transplant are covered well with great volume. Also has a county and VA hospital. VA hospital has a robot. Large children's hospital.

UTSW: also 4 person program at 5 years instead of 6. Minimal transplant and fertilty/ED exposure. Has a malignant reputation but that is debatable. Have access to county, VA, children's, and booming private hospital.

Miami: good 5 year program, but also has a malignant reputation. Miami is Miami. Most specialties are covered. Booming county and children's hospital.


great info and insight.

Oklahoma ... just a comment

Oklahoma is a 3-man, five year program that is very well funded. The city has a ridiculously low cost of living, and a surprisingly nice downtown. The medical center is the tertiary referral site for all of Oklahoma, panhandle of Texas, and southern Kansas. The medical center is growing rapidly, has numerous resources for basic science research, and the major hospitals are all located close together. Both Presby and the VA have robots. Pediatrics and transplant are both strengths, and there is a pediatrics fellowship.

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Too bad it's malignant as hell.

Well... Good point

I guess the question to ask yourself is do you want to be coddled and happy, but never see the really complicated cases because they go to a tertiary referral center or do you want to take a little bruising for five years and get to get your hands dirty? Different priorities for different people.

There are plenty of places to

There are plenty of places to get the best of both worlds...tertiary referral center with large, complicated case load without malignant staff...

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update on Southern programs

Hey yall, I'll be applying this round and am looking for any updated info. I noticed UAB was left off the list.

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Bump. Any more comments on

Bump. Any more comments on programs in the south, especially UAB?

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Any Updates or New Info?

DOes anyone have any updates to add? Any programs with New Chairs, recent changes (pos./neg.) that seem to be changing the direction of the program, etc.?